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Something To Do With Love is a slice of life romance story with animal people.

Purchases are appreciated, but feedback is equally important. Let me know what you think!


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i noticed the Patreon keeps having a 404 error finding your group.

Latest demo is unplayable. It won't load past the title screen. :(

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I downloaded and checked for the error myself on a different PC but couldn't reproduce it. Sounds like the video that plays at that point is causing you a problem. Was there an error message?

I'm re-uploading the demo just in case.

Hey Bune I'll try to help you diagnose this. I already have media player codecs installed for watching anime with subs. I use the Combined Community Codec Pack. I tried the link you gave but the installation demanded that I install adware and I couldn't find a way to disable that option so I won't install it.

 I uploaded a gif of the loading sequence so you can see where it fails and that no errors display. 


Oh whoops, deleted the link. I just posted the first result on Google.

I re-uploaded the demo, you can give that a try. You could also try the Steam version.

Tried both steam version and this here stick on "EXT Garden Grove Evening" and black screen for me :(

Could you tell me what OS and what hardware your computer is running? I want to try and recreate the issue so I can fix it.

Also, try clicking the video files in the main folder. Do they play ok?

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So hows the project coming along? I've noticed that there are 18 entry points missing when trying to open the program demo. could it just be a bad EXE file? CRC hash is 9F046FE2


Long time no see! The full game is coming along great! The main systems have all been finished and I'll be finishing up the assets pretty soon. After that I'm on to animation and implementing all the story stuff.

I'll upload the newest demo code now and see if that fixes it.

The demo is also available on Steam which auto-updates if I change anything: https://store.steampowered.com/app/603730/Something_To_Do_With_Love/

question how much will it cost on steam when it comes out. And can you put a beta on steam


It'll probably be in the ballpark of $19.99.

There won't be a public beta, the next release will be the full game.

the screen suddenly  turned black in the party scene but the music is still going can someone tell me how to fix it


So, the question about a release date was last asked here on Itch almost a year ago, and I happened to be checking in on the kickstarter, so I figured I'd let folks know Duggy has marked September 2018 as the estimated delivery time!
So close, yet so far, I know... but I for one am really looking forward to it, and figured I'd leave that little tid-bit for anyone wondering.
Keep up the good work Duggy. Oh, and if you want me to take this comment down, or edit it because that release date's pushed back, just let me know, I totally understand.


Nah, it's cool. September 2018 is the plan.

A lot of work to be done though.

So, how do things look now, dug? been a wile since you posted anything, and I saw the kickstarter didn't meet it's goal. Will you sill meet your late-2018 deadline, or is the project canned? I don't wanna see it go

I set up another Kickstarter which was funded and the game is progressing nicely. We might not make a 2018 release date, but it will come out.

hey man, that's great to hear, I'm happy your work isn't going to waste

How do i save my spot?

tis but a 20 minute demo, lad.

Oh the game is finally fixed! I can finally click the install button! 

how can I save the game?

Pretty neat! you guys should have a gay chubby bear character option *murrrr

I am a bit curious, from some of the screenshots and your patreon page, I'd assume this game was explicitly nsfw

but it is also on steam, which I believe does not accept games with actual sex scenes on them (despite accepting much worst shit)

so, will this game be a sfw visual novel? have sex scenes? or just softcore hints at sex like some other visual novels do (and is implied by some of the screenshots)?

this game is made from the DVD called How This All Happened. What I know off there will be no Sex scenes, so you have to buy the DVD, but I do hope they make a patch that adds the sex scenes in the game. 

The hardcore stuff you're seeing is from a previous project called How This All Happened. Some of the characters return in this.

i just got a cupyright strike on a video i made over the old demo.
Its the song in the Start menu. they says its  Song: Liquid Sunshine - John Cameron From 1:14 - 2:09 in the video.  COMPLAINTS: APM Music On behalf of: KPM 1000 LP Series. idk if that is true or you still use that music i just feel like i should let you know.

Sorry to hear that. That music isn't in the game any more. 


good to hear.

Ran into a bug:

Game CTDs/stops responding when going into May's apartment at the beginning.

Only happened after I played the game once. Second/third/fourth/etc keeps crashing.

Question, Can you format it for chrome?

I want for windows ;-;

Just a bit of critic here

Can you add more talk or action options to may in the beginning? As I play this, all she says "We have a lot of the same tastes, ya know?"

Add some more things to do around the game. Once your in Mays house, there's no turning back. Even if you leave, you cant get back in.

One more thing, are the characters supposed to be from the movie, How All This Happened? if so, who are we playing as?

When will the next demo be released?

and when do you plan on releasing the entire game, if I may ask?

Demo will be sometime this spring and the full game will hopefully before the year is out.

But do you guys have an official date for the release of the full demo?

If so, when?

No official release date planned, it'll probably be here and a few other sites.

could you possibly send me what you have so far on the next demo? And please make it for windows!!!


There's not much there, I'm kinda just making assets and scripts I'll need right now so I can quickly put it together when the time comes.

The demo should be out within two months for Windows.

And will the release be on itch or another site?

i only see Lucia in the trailer no where else is she scrapped??

Nope, she's just not in the demo is all. She'll be in the full game and the next demo.

i only see Lucia in the trailer no where else is she scrapped??

i only see Lucia in the trailer no where else is she scrapped??

i only see Lucia in the trailer no where else is she scrapped??

I'm not really sure where to post this since there is to many places

I what i want to know is what year is the DVD from.


Last year?

Language: Danish kek

yeah sry didnt see the Original Movie Language was set to danish chance it but im talking about the DVD if you have a relesses date that would be nice you can make a user yourselv and chance the info so it fits ^_^

well if it's furrys I'll play it and just by what I watched for videos and see of this I like may

I TOLD you this game has a future. Now to keep it Arise...

Now for a question, are you going to have any αlpha or βeta testers?

That would give something for the Patreon to do.


For sure. Once it's in a pretty final state I'll need to have some people run through it and be on the lookout for bugs before I release it for real.

please add it to windows i need this game!

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Just played most of your content, and it looks good to me. Ill be keeping an eye out for this. i already liked on steam Greenlight. I hope it gets approved, i will buy it.

I did notice one thing, though it may just be because i'm running a 4k rig and the game doesn't support the upscale, but there's a line that splits the screen when moving through Mays room. But, this is only when scrolling through the room. i will try and downscale my resolution and see if that solves the issue.

Also, Autumns animation seemed less fluid compared to May and Arlene. Otherwise the animations are great.

Don't give up this project!


Tried Down-Scaling and it did not solve the issue of the line while proving the screen in Mays room.

Can you post a picture and your PC's specs maybe? I'll see what I can do to fix it.

Asus ROG Maximus VIII Hero

Samsung 950 PRO Series - 256GB PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD

Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SATA III

Intel Core i7 6700K 4.00 GHz Unlocked Quad Core Skylake

EVGA GeForce GTX 1080, 8GB GDDR5X

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB, DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz

Heres my specs



I love the look of this, though I hope you reconsider not putting in any adult content. An occasional bit of nookie would be nice in a dating sim. The animation that Jasonafex did for the "How This All Happened Bonus Scene" would be a perfect little addition, with some other options (particularly after watching romance movies!).

Anyway, great work. Keep it up.

You know Jasonafex didn't actually make that, right? Kabangeh did the footage and Jason just made it into loops and added buttons.

I thought he was going to have adult scenes in it?

could you make a download thats not .exe? because my anti-viruses are blocking it like its the devil. so could you make a version for .jpg or something?

.jpg? Like an image file?

You can bypass the anti-virus warding, usually the button isn't obvious since they don't want you clicking it instinctively. You could also white-list it.


So this is a furry dating game?

This. is. LEGENDARY!

so is the full game going to be free or no?


If I finish according to plan it'll be a relatively cheap game with plenty of value in it. If not it'll be free/pay what you want.

ok cool love the game and the animation keep it up


*Uncontrollable laughter* XD This game........bruh, i'm about to die, this is too good!


Can't wait for your let's play.

Just wanted to say I love the game so far. I also did a video on the update. Can't wait for the next one.

I'm glad somebody finally dug into some of the situational dialog!

Tried to cover as much of the demo as possible. :)

I only see an empty post, could you repost your specs?

You must scroll up a little bit, because I've send 2 posts. The empty 1 & that one with specs.

2nd breakfast. Sorry man, you did not post your specs.

Good Evening. sure I did but with invisible Ink. Understand? XD

Okay, I post them but don't know why they're not visible.

Lunchtime or CoffeeTime. Are you alright? Here're my PC Specs:

LunchTime. How's going? I can't play the game because the screen's white and I can't see anything. Could you fix that with the next update, please?


Does it do anything else or is it basically not booting?

Also, could you post your PC's specs?

Morning or Lunchtime. It boots but only what I see's a blank or white screen.

You can't, because my PC's by my grandpa at the moment.

some minor bugs for thw build available on 1/25

  • Shower scene won't appear after the first time sometimes.
  • There is a slight delay when choosing talk dialogue in Arlene's room. When you close the text there is a second or so before the menu comes back.
  • I did encounter that the food sequence simply didn't happen but it didn't interfere with gameplay, so it's hard to know if that was intentional or not
Also, are you planning to release Autumn's sprite sheet sometime? I think those are neat.

The food sequence doesn't happen after day 2. The delay is the game getting stuck in "talk" mode and fixing itself, I'll look into that.

I can't reproduce the shower things, it happens every time for me. Could you give more details?

Well, I hit it up again and was able to recreate the bug consistently. Basically it's after the breakfast sequences are shut off. The shower scene stops playing when you trigger it. Additionally when you are passed the breakfast sequence days, when you select the Go Home option at the end of the day you are trapped on May's Porch when the next day begins.

Hope that helps!


Where can I find the full game? Or is it still in development?


The final version hasn't technically started development yet.


What did you fix in the new update beside the new cool studio intro.


The most recent update only fixed a glitch with the fullscreen scaling, the one before that added a toggle option for the post processing.


Oh, and more original music by @marufawks



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