A downloadable game for Windows

Something To Do With Love is a dating sim prototype I made using assets from a scrapped project.

There's not any dating yet, you just watch movies and eat food with a long time girlfriend. You can also bathe and sleep.

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Published25 days ago
AuthorTerence Chill
TagsDating Sim, Visual Novel
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

It's just a regular old .exe, no installation required.


Something To Do With Love (67 MB)


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She didn't offer me anything too FAP too. I am very displeased with this hooker. I would like a refund or a higher quality bich. A thick one thus time, I want my wee wee to be crushed. Also she has to be blonde. Thank you for understanding.

LMAO I lost hope in myself 😂😂

I did a video for your game as well. It was quite interesting, and can't wait to see more. :D

I did a lets play/fanart of your game :D always loved seeing your work around so was nice to do this lil demo as a lets play :3

Cool! Just so you know you're able to explore after the dinner scene. You can scroll around with the mouse and click on things.


The game is kinda Lagging for me...


excuse me but where the fuck is my reply i need a help how i can get rid of the lag...


Sorry, I don't check this much. Can you elaborate on the problem and let me know your PC's specs?

This is a pretty interesting proof of concept, I would love to see this go far.

I especially loved the title music, could you please tell me the name?

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I don't played it but it looks beautiful. man i like anthro and furry art!!

it's awesome you made this game!!!

p.s my heart has been warmed by this.

what a game please continue

So I decided to play this game for my channel and it was a good run through xD Great prototype bro!

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Neato, thanks for putting up with that framerate, I'll get on fixing that.

What specs are you running?

Edit: I re-uploaded a "maybe-fixed" version. I also addressed the shower glitch with some redundant code but I've never been able to reproduce it myself so it's hard to tell if I got it or not.

My specs are Gefore gtx 880 24gb ram intel core i7-4700HQ CPU @ 2.40GHz with a 64 bit operating system

Also the new update ran very smooth

Cool! These were optimizations that should have been in the game in the first place, my bad.

It's alright man it happens, just keep up the good work man!

What a devious human!

Looks great! Please let me know if that'll evolve into full game ^_^

It looks really proomising :3